Cycle Speed:  18 seconds per plate

                           180 plates per hour

Power:  110/120 VAC 60Hz

                220/240 VAC 50Hz

Dimensions:  Width: 30 inches (76 cm)

                           Depth: 25 inches (64 cm)

                           Height: 30 inches (76 cm)

                           Weight: 130 pounds (60 kg)


With robotic precision and efficiency, every petri dish is streaked identically.  Standardized reproducible streaking with uniformly high quality results makes reading, enumeration and subculturing much easier and faster.  The ISOPLATER also reduces the number of mixed subcultures and specimen replating.


It has been scientifically proven that the ISOPLATER increases the recovery of pathogenic microorganisms.  This fat, along with many other benefits of automated streaking, combine to make a better work environment.  The ISOPLATER frees lab personnel to apply their valuable skills, knowledge and time where it is most effective and rewarding.


In addition to the obvious labour savings in specimen set-up, reading and subculturing, the ISOPLATER minimizes the use of Bunsen burners, incinerators and expensive plastic disposable loops.  Reduced gas consumption, lower air- conditioning requirements, fewer consumables and less biohazardous waste all contribute to lower operating costs.  This results in a quick pay back and a very high return on investment.


The ISOPLATER is engineered to yield maximum colonial isolation with all specimen types and concentrations.  A patented streaking pattern assures efficient utilization of the media surface plus a high dilution factor between quadrants.  Four individual loops streak sequentially in identical parallel patterns.  This yields a number of increasingly diluted sectors around the dish.


Since Robert Koch introduced solid culture media in the 1880's, the basic technique of isolating pure cultures has been accomplished by manual streaking methods.  This crucial and important initial procedure is laborious, biohazardous and inconsistent.  Through automation, the ISOPLATER eliminates all this while also improving isolation rates, standardizing results,

increasing productivity, ensuring personnel protection, and lowering costs.


Faster than a technologist, the ISOPLATER streaks over 180 pre-inoculated plates per hour.  It will run up to three shifts a day and does not require breaks.  To label and inoculate a plate requires only a few seconds, however it can take up to 20 seconds to streak properly.  Automating both the primary and subculture streaking saves a substantial amount of time.

automatic operation

Firstly, the technologist inoculates the petri dish with any kind of specimen in the usual manner.  However, the inoculum must be situated over a specific reference point on the bottom of the pteri dish.  This reference point can be your label, a grease pencil mark, or the frosted rectangular ISOMARK which many petri dish manufacturers now have on the bottom of their dishes for this purpose.  The ISOPLATER uses this reference point to orient the petri dish before streaking.

Once the petri dishes are ready, they are placed in the portable Carousels.  A Carousel can hold up to 4 stacks of 20 dishes (80) and can be unloaded during operation for maximum efficiency.

The machine then automatically rotates the Carousel to bring in a stack of plates, downloads a dish, removes the lid, orients the dish, transfers the dish with its lid, streaks in four successive quadrants for isolation, replaces the lid and uploads the completed dish into the unload Carousel.

The Nichrome streaking loops are sterilized by electrical heating to incandescence between successive samples.

Streaking and loop sterilization takes place in a contained negative pressure area with all exhaust air HEPA filtered to provide personnel protection.  This removes any aerosols plus the smoke which is generated when biohazardous specimen is incinerated off the loops.

Daily maintenance of the ISOPLATER is minimal.  This includes cleaning the dish guides plus checking, cleaning and straightening the loops. Walk-away automation and ease of use guarantee complete customer satisfaction.


Designed to safely handle dangerous infectious specimens, the ISOPLATER utilizes negative pressure containment and HEPA filters to exhaust air.  This removes any smoke or aerosals to guarantee personnel protection is maintained.  Independent safety systems monitr numerous functions to assure that proper operation and sterility are continuously maintained. 

Tel: +1.780.468.0020

8432 45 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6B, Canada


Designed to be very dependable and user friendly, the ISOPLATER has an excellent proven track record.  The original installation has processed over 2 million dishes and shows no sign of tiring.  Complete with comprehensive manuals plus video training, the ISOPLATER is easy to operate and maintain.