Vista Technology was founded in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in 1976 as a Prepared Microbiological Culture Media Manufacturer. From 1976 to 1983, with Colin Wylie as President and owner, Vista continued to grow and expand until we were the second largest Prepared Media manufacturer in Canada. We now proudly supply almost all customers in Western Canada – from the Pacific to the Great Lakes and from the Canada/US border to the Arctic Ocean. We were successful because of the quality of our products and our attention to superior customer service.

In 1981 we moved into a brand new, substantially larger 3000 sq. ft. production facility Since then we have added two additional adjoining bays to accommodate expanded production requirements. In 1983, when the recession hit, a number of things changed that would affect our business and my personal life. Firstly, as a result of cutbacks, governments and hospitals changed to a lowest bid philosophy. With that change larger Easter Canadian and US Culture Media were able to make inroads into our market.

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I am not a “Low Bid” type of guy and do not run my business in that manner. I cannot cut corners, cheap out, or provide anything less than the best product and service possible. It is not who I am or how I live my life. Therefore, when my son was born on May 13, 1983, I choose to take a year off and stay at home with him (one of the most challenging endeavors of my life) plus do some soul searching with regard to my business and what direction I should take in this ever changing world.

My Eureka moment came from visiting all my Prepared Media customers over many years and checking our media for growth, color haemolyses, etc. While doing this I was always amazed at how poor and inconstant the streaking was. In fact, sitting there streaking petri dishes was one of the reasons I quit being a Microbiologist. Yet, this is one of the most important procedures because if you don’t get good isolation you may well miss the suspect colony/pathogen.

So, rather naïvely in retrospect, off we go to invent an Automatic Petri Dish Streaking Machine. Well, to make a long arduous story short, 6 years later after 5 generations of prototypes, we finally had an operating machine!