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Isoplater 180i Petri Dish Streaker

Automated petri dish streaking ensures high volumes, consistency and containment with lower personnel and disposable materials costs.  A patented streaking pattern covers the media completely with a high dilution factor across quadrants.  Negative pressure containment and HEPA filtering allow safe handling of dangerous specimens. 

Vista Technology Inc. has been supplying the medical community for more than 42 years.  Founded in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in 1976 as a Prepared Microbiological Culture Media Manufacturer. From 1976 to 1983, with Colin Wylie as President and owner, Vista continued to grow and expand until we were the second largest Prepared Media manufacturer in Canada.


About Us

Our newest model, while mechanically nearly identical to the proven and dependable 180, incorporates numerous improvements and refinements including: upgraded components, modernized electrical, HD precision optic sensors, state of the art PLC, and a new user friendly, intuitive, interactive touch screen control panel.

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